Always Moving On . . . . (Dr. Who)

Dr. Who's TardisI posted my last article/blog post to the Green Jobs Ready blog on Friday, July 23, 2010 :

I’ll miss writing for that blog regularly, because environmental responsibility and preserving the earth for our children and grandchildren is a subject about which I have always been passionate ~ a bit of the left over hippie in me, as my kid sister says. More the earth-mother thing, I’m thinking, but if hippie it is ~ ah, well. So be it. But I still reserve the  right to shower daily 😉

Still, like the doctor (“my” doctor is the 9th, though I enjoyed the 10th, too), one must be always moving on, and whenever possible, moving forward. That’s definitely the direction I’m tacking toward. The future I envision is green with clean fields and forests, blue with fresh waters and salt seas teaming with life, rosy with good health for everyone everywhere, and it is serene, peaceful, and loving ~ with prosperity, peace, and love for everyone. Okay, maybe the hippie thing is an appropriate designation.  Well, there y’go. But that’s the one I’m setting my course for ~

Pardon me while I catch the wind in my sails ~


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