“To the family we’re born with, and to the family we make along the way . . . .”

…and, most importantly, to Richmond!”

This scene, and this line especially, have always resonated with me, as my family ~ both born to me and made along the way ~ are so indescribably  precious to me. But the sentiment resonates especially deeply with me this year, as Jim and I are at last able to be here, enjoying a quiet, loving yuletide season with our Hélène and her branch of our chosen family.

And though it may seem odd, even that “most important” last line of Higgins’s toast resonates, because Ted Lasso and all that it encompasses has become so intimately interwoven into the fabric of our lives ~ the series itself and the books it inspired us to create, which led us to this joyful opportunity to keep the love going by donating a dollar per book sold between 11/11/23 and 1/1/24 to the Steps of Faith Foundation, which we only learned of through Thundergong, which we only discovered because Jason Sudeikis was involved, which we only learned of because of Inge, a fan and beta tester of Lift It Like Lasso Vol 2, who shares a mutual friend in Billy Brimblecom Jr., reputed drummer extraordinaire as well as CEO and founder of Steps of Faith  . . . ~ well, I think you see, in part, where I’m going with this.

As of today, thanks to those of this larger Lasso family who have bought copies of Lift It Like Lasso (Vol 1 or Vol 2) since 11/11/23, our donation to Steps of Faith Foundation has now risen to (drum roll please): $328! That’s up another $46 in the last two weeks.

It’s just $46.  But to the amputee who gets a prosthetic in 2024, thanks at least in part to our donation, it’s $46 closer to the $500 cost of that prosthetic Steps of Faith has made possible ~ and that’s huge.

So, to all of you “Richmond” fans, Ted Lasso fans, members of the Lasso family ~ Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.

The donation promotion is still going on: If you want to keep the holiday spirit going beyond today, revisit Richmond through the interactive puzzles and word play in Lift It Like Lasso Vol 1 and/or Vol 2: In which we all believed in RomCommunism and, at the same time, you’ll be adding to our growing donation that will help Steps of Faith Foundation to buy a prosthetic for yet another amputee in 2024.

Barbecue Sauce!

Happy Holidays, all! Wishing you a New Year filled with Love, light, laughter, and most of all, Belief.

See you on the beach ~


(see the original blog post for the Steps of Faith donation promotion here: https://belief3ninesfine.com/lifting-it-like-lasso-in-which-we-pay-it-forward-to-steps-of-faith-foundation/)

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