Is it just me?

Or is writing for the web (or anything else with the “the web” suffix) a  huge sucking black hole of time? I’ve taken to sitting out on the porch in the early morning to work ~ the weather is usually nice (it’s July) at this hour and I can use the fresh air to wake me up.

But outside or in, the trouble remains the same ~ all these diverting little side trails! you go to search for something, or just to find something on your desktop, and the next thing you know, you’re reading old forum posts on how to get and stay organized (that was the one I got to that struck me funny this morning!)

It started this morning with updates to my browser plugins, fer goshsakes! I should just skip them, but then I’m paranoid enough to think that if I do that, I’ll want to do something months from now that I won’t be able to do because I don’t have this grease monkey plug in that I could have updated and didn’t! Actually, I probably wouldn’t remember that I had had the opportunity, or even what it’s meant to do.

Speaking of which, when you get notice of these updates, didja ever look and see what it was they were meant to do? I think programmers make some of this stuff up. Like, who understands that this upgrade will improve your hxmldrip scheme (or something like that)?

And share a holic ~ that’s like all those facebook programs ~ according to their terms of service, you have to let them have access to everything from your contact list to your underwear drawer. Well, color me suspicious, but I don’t like ANYone having access to all my stuff (especially my underwear drawer).

That’s why I don’t reply to those “Kasey is a kumkwat ~ what kind of fruit are you?” invites on Facebook – you have to give them access to all your stuff, like your contact list info ~ uhuh, no thanks (and even if I were a kumkwat, why would I want that to be public knowledge?).

I dunno ~ whatevah (which is one of my favorite retro-words right now). But here’s a good example: I opened my macbook one hour and 15 minutes ago,  and started this blog post (I first typed “bog” ~ hmmm, non-sexual Freudian slip, I’m thinking) 15 minutes ago. What happened to the hour? ’cause other than copy/pasting advice on getting organized from an old warrior forum post, and reading just enough of share-a-holic’s terms of service page to decide no or at least not now, I got nothin’.

Man. I gotta get organized. Sigh . . .

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