Our final tally and “Lift It” gift to Steps of Faith Foundation

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season and that your celebrations were full of laughter and fun and in the company of love, joy, peace, and, most of all, belief in the promise of the year ahead!

Hélène and I are so happy to report that, through sales of Lift It Like Lasso Volumes 1 & 2 between 11/11/23 and 1/1/24, we have been able to gather $340 to send to Steps of Faith Foundation!

Barbecue sauce!!

“If my maths are correct,” that’s about 68% of the cost of one prosthetic limb through the miracles Steps of Faith makes possible, and we very much hope that our donation will hasten the purchase of a prosthetic limb for someone who would still be waiting otherwise

To all those in the Lasso fan community ~ the extended Lasso family ~ who cared enough to help us make this happen, you ROCK! We so couldn’t have donated that much without your help, and we are so very grateful.

You are absolutely brilliant, and we can’t thank you enough!

And to all of you, loved ones, fans, friends, and family we’ve made along the way (so far), I wish you joy, love, laughter, and most of all, your best and happiest year ever in 2024.

See you on the beach ~

PS: If this is the first you’re hearing about Steps of Faith Foundation and the fantastic work they do, it’s not too late. Just hop on over to their website: https://www.stepsoffaithfoundation.org/ find out about the fantastic work they do and, if you can, help them out with a bit of cash! It’s tax deductible and you’ll be helping to make a world of difference to someone. Believe it!

PSS: While you’re online, if you love word games and you love Ted Lasso (who doesn’t, right?) hop on over to Amazon and pick up your copies of Lift It Like Lasso Vol 1 and/or Lift It Like Lasso Vol 2: In which we all Believed in RomCommunism. The puzzles will transport you right back into your favorite scenes and let you hang out again with your favorite characters. And when you love it, please hop back over to Amazon and say so!

We SO appreciate you!




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