Everything Is Impossible ~ Until It Isn’t

If you read my blog post on Wednesday you remember that I promised that Friday I would post about my score in the “game” of believing that life is good and everyone means well and time is on our side and so on. I didn’t get to it on Friday, because I had the opportunity to spend some time with some of my girls instead, so here it is today.

I’ll start: on March 3, a month ago, James came home from work with bad news: he would be getting laid off on the first. The company already had temporary layoffs scheduled for a week in March as well as the Thursday and Friday of Easter weekend. But the news was that, on April 1 he was now scheduled to go on indefinite layoff.

Everything is impossible
I’ve been doing the active belief thing long enough that I didn’t feel even a twinge of fear, let alone panic at the news.In fact, as soon as I heard this I decided that it wasn’t going to affect us. That either he would be kept on and miss the layoff again this time (this is the third time in the past year) or before the layoff took effect, something better for us would present itself.

So he took vacation days for the three days that he would’ve worked last week before Easter weekend, and we enjoyed two weeks of him being at home. When he went to work on Monday, I went back to my regular schedule and was working at home when he came home about lunch time.

Turns out there was a big meeting at work and, over the previous two weeks, they had decided that they couldn’t afford to let go everyone that they had decided to put on temporary or indefinite layoff. He wasn’t in the first group that they reversed the layoff for (I don’t really understand how that works) but they had decided to keep 15 one, and he was number 16 he said. Which meant that he would be the first recalled when another spot opens up. Then Tuesday night he mentioned that he may not even be out the door on Friday as planned.

So even though it’s been a few weeks and things didn’t work out exactly the way that I set my intention for, the fact is things are working out and, as I’ve been saying all along, it’ll be fine. The situation will resolve itself to our advantage because that’s what I expect and that’s what I believe.

And the time off that he had, as will any time off that he has in the future, gave us an opportunity to spend more time together which is kind of what I married him for. It also gives us time to develop some other ideas for his next big thing. Update as of Wednesday, he isn’t getting laid off and he is being redeployed to a position he’ll like better. Update as of this morning, Saturday, it’s likely when he finishes training his replacement and goes to the new position, he’ll also be back on the early schedule that he enjoys, especially in the summer time.

The truth is, the life you want is available to you if you only choose and then actively believe. This is the pattern for accessing the abundant life that’s all around you through active belief:

      Decide what you truly want in a particular situation. Don’t try to figure out how (it actually works better if you don’t know how).
        Experience that outcome as if you already have it. Vividly visualize ~ see, hear, taste, touch, smell, feel it. (Don’t think you can do that? Want to bet? Like

Jen Sincero

      says, if someone says to you a horse in red lipstick, you can’t help but see a horse in red lipstick can you; or what if I said imagine biting into a fresh lemon? Notice how your mouth puckers? and there’s not a lemon in sight.)
      Do whatever you can ethically do to bring about that outcome, and remain open to the people and opportunities that will appear in your path to help you along.
      Believe: relax and breathe into the quiet assurance that it is already accomplished. If and when doubt or fear or worry arises (which it does, especially until you get in the habit of this kind of belief), remind yourself that the reality is what you envisioned, not what you fear.

So, pretending? Remember how vivid that was when we were kids? How pretending was so much fun and you could actually see the world that you were pretending to inhabit?

Yeah, that’s because we were each creating our reality ~ what we didn’t know was: we have been all along. We just forgot it was so much fun.

So, wanna play? Here’s how. What wonderful thing have you experienced recently that someone told you was “impossible”? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.

See you on the beach ~


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  1. Yes, you did! And you’ve made significant progress in other ways, since, sweetheart. Honor that effort and those accomplishments, be grateful for them, and you’ll find yourself having more of the same. Proud of you, babe.<3

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