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Dream deskIt’s my birthday today, and I’ve been feeling a bit blue for a couple of days. It’s funny how we look forward to birthdays, and how long the year is between, until we reach a certain age (which we thought when we were young that we would never be that old in the first place).

It doesn’t matter what age ~ I expect it’s different for everyone ~ but at that point, you realize that you’re not looking forward to what you’ll do when that birthday comes but back at what you haven’t done, and the years between those annual reflections get shorter and shorter as you go.

Now, I’m a big proponent of working in concert with the vibrations of the universe, putting out the positive vibe you want to live in, because what you send out is what comes back to you, magnified. It took me a long time to learn that, and I’m still internalizing it, I think. Any of you who’ve read this blog before know that there are still deep wells into which I trip and fall now and then. What’s changing, I hope, is that it takes me less time to bob back up to the top. It seems so, anyway.

And I think, maybe that has a lot to do with the good fortune I’ve had, in recent years, to be able to surround myself with so many like-minded people, people who look forward and up and out ~ and point me the way when I forget to do the same.

That happened again just a few moments ago, thanks to some of my dearest friends. Don’t get me wrong ~ I’ve been getting well wishes all day (facebook is a wonderful thing for people who wouldn’t otherwise remember birthdays) from family and friends, all people I love ~ and many who don’t have facebook or only remember just because it’s on their page.

But the gifts I’ve been given, both physical and virtual, were all topped by this one just a few moments ago ~ not because it was any more well-meant than the others, or because the sender cares any more for me than many of the others, but just because of my reaction to it, the way it resonated with me. Here’s what she said:

“Here’s the thing about birthdays.  It’s your own personal New Year.  It’s the day when you have the ear of the universe.  So make it known what you want.  Journal, dream, and bring in all the good things you want in your life for next year.  This is your day to make that plan.  I hate resolutions, don’t make resolutions.  Don’t even set goals unless you want to.  But think about what you want and dream it in.”

What a fabulous and inspiring and extraordinary idea. To (as someone else once put it) shine shine shine sit real still.

So that’s what I’m going to do for the next few hours ~ contemplate all the good things I want in my life this coming year ~ and dream them in.

We can but believe . . . and that is enough.

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