Well, this should be interesting . . .

Just got back from the chiropractor, whom I was supposed to see yesterday but was prevented by the snowfall (it was totally worth it), my ability to move (I hesitate to use the word “mobility” for obvious reasons) is better now, though the adjustment did give me a mild headache and muscle aches are still hanging around. On the upside, the pain that I’ve been experiencing for the last couple of weeks (or his frustration with the pain I’ve been feeling) inspired my James to research what he was sure was repetitive stress injury. Unfortunately, he was right. Fortunately, I’m a big enough person to admit that :-).
ANY way, he also found a common sense discussion of  a code writer’ experience with this hours on the keyboard generated injury and some commonsense advice for preventing it. This all started at the end of the semester (go figure ~all good things do start there, don’t they?) When, in addition to writing/typing for two hours on the revision every morning, I was spending several hours a day on the computer on grading and commenting etc.–like you do. Who knew developing a regular writing routine–so much a good thing, to my mind–would be the tipping point?
So now, in addition to developing that good habit, and in order to continue in that good habit and still keep up with my day job,  I’m going to have to develop a couple of other good habits: like 20 minutes of cardio to get my blood going before I sit down in front of the keyboard everyday, and taking longer breaks of physical activity from the keyboard, and using my dictation software more aggressively.

This is my first dive back into the waters of Mac dictate–then I think I’ll develop, or renew my relationship with, Dori’s mantra: just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming swimming… :-).


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  1. Maybe you also need to rethink your work environment? Your tools? Height of seat, feet not hanging (look who’s talking, she says, putting her feet hurriedly on her chair’s lower ring/rung).

    Meanwhile, Texas’ snowfall (what’s wrong with this picture?) reached us Northerners early this morning. Roger spent hours shoveling today. Fortunately, he sees shoveling as both challenge and exercise. Around here, Dora says ‘keep shoveling, keep shoveling, keep shoveling’.

  2. Bwahahaha! Texas dumps on Quebec ~ how fair is that? And you know, I’ve never seen him more joyful than when he’s shoveling snow (I’d ask if he’s medicated for that, except it makes me so happy to see him so happy! 😉

    Yeah, yeah ~ you sound like my husband ~ and I’m workin’ on it, I’m workin’ on it! 😉

    [4 dodos, yeah? Wheeeeeeee!]

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