I don’t do new year’s resolutions, but if I did, this year’s would be this: Say, out loud, the nice things you think about people ~ preferably to them. For instance:

I was reintroduced to this song the other day, during a fun shopping excursion with one of my daughters. I always liked the music, the bouncy, upbeat beat, when I heard it before, but I’m not sure I ever really knew the lyrics until now. (As my sista Ruth said, when she sent me the video: “Seriously, Sugah, you gotta get out more.” ;-))

But I keep thinking how much the main lyric: “I get knocked down/but I get up again/and you’re never gonna keep me down” describes so many of the people I love ~ my kids, those I’ve been blessed to be mama and nana to and those I’ve been gifted with through marriage and other circumstances; my sisters and sistas, who shine so brightly in my life; my brothers by birth and circumstance; my family and my friends-who-feel-like-family; my there-aren’t-enough-superlatives-to-describe-him husband.

yinyanThing is, somehow or other, we’re always going to get knocked down by life at some point. It’s the dark yin to the bright yang of being human. But that’s not important. What is important is in the second and third lines, and that’s what I want to say to and about so many of you that I love (you know who you are ;-)):

Yeah, you get knocked down by one thing or another in this life ~ but you get back up again, and you never let anything keep you down. I’ve noticed, and I just wanted to say.

Proud of you, guys ~

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