Samhain, summers end, and new beginnings

Reach for the moon ~ even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.It is the month of Halloween ~ All Hallow’s Eve ~ Samhain ~ and one of my favorite holidays. Originally, Samhain was like New Years Eve or New Years day for the Celts, it was the beginning of the Celtish new year, as it signaled the end of the “light” time of the year and the beginning of the dark time, during which the earth would rest and refresh herself for the coming again of the light in spring.

It’s a nice marker for me, this year, too, of new beginnings, particularly those having to do with success, prosperity, and looking toward the future with sure belief rather than so much fear and dread.

I launched my first plr site and packs today (that’s private label content, in Internet Marketing speak), and posted a Warrior Special Offer in the Warriors Forum ~ which is THE place to go for everything you ever wanted to know about Internet Marketing. As I understand it, it’s one of the longest running and most successful IM forums out there, largely, I think, because it’s well moderated, the moderators are actively involved, and they brook no nonsense from scam artists and the like. Intentionally break the rules or try to take advantage of people and you’re out.

I like that. It makes me feel like it’s a safe place, even though I often just lurk because I find all the “voices” overwhelming ~ especially the ones that are talking about something I know nothing about.

But then I knew almost nothing when I joined the Warriors Forum and the War Room, and now I know quite a bit more. It all just takes time. No one comes from the womb knowing how to do . . . anything, really. Everything takes time and some effort and patience (which I’ve already admitted I’m not really good at ;-)).

And yet here a I am, with two active, viable websites Renaissance Woman Ink and now, PLR-Ink, not a lot to show for the two years or so it’s taken me to get here, some people may be thinking. Isn’t it? And how old would I be if I hadn’t pursued the elusive firefly of IM success these last two years?

Two years isn’t that long for looking and learning and planting and germinating, because these sites are just evidence to me, intimations of things as yet unseen. These are just the first seeds of the future I envision starting to break the surface ~ the early signs of the fruits my efforts will ultimately bear, thanks to time and patience.

And, of course, believing.


“Our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our ideas ~ are physical in the universe . . . . If we dream something, and if we commit ourselves to it, that is a physical thrust toward realization . . . . you have to believe . . . .” ~ Will Smith

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