Good omens

I always dream in the mornings before I wake up ~ I’m sure I dream through the night, but always in the morning, and usually, my dreams aren’t great ~ maybe not nightmares, but usually uneasy or confusing, adding nothing to my day. Because that’s so, I’ve always erased my dreams upon waking, wiping them away like a sponge washing chalk from a blackboard, getting rid of them if I can, so they don’t follow me into my day, uneasy shadows.

This morning, however, I did my best to hold on to my waking dream so I could share it with you. The last part of the dream, I was taking my youngest daughter, Colleen, to the doctor (don’t think I’ve forgotten, missy). Though he’s been retired for some years now, I took her to our family doctor, and the two of them were  having a great time and giving me static about something (which both of them have always been good at, I must say).

Then, after we got back, Colleen needed to go somewhere else, and asked if she could use my car. I said sure, but I needed it back at a certain time. She said, okay, but why? Then Josh, my son (who, I suddenly noticed, was sitting in the living room eating pizza and watching TV) said: “because she does, doofass.”

He suddenly stopped eating, got a goofy surprised look on his face and said to Colleen: “did I just call you a ‘doofass’?” and then started in with that chuckle of his I love so much, and Colleen started laughing, like the two of them used to when they were teenagers, in that way that you know is going to build like a wave crest, and I woke up actually laughing, myself.

Is there any better way to start the day or the week than that?

Not for me, there isn’t.

Here’s wishing you your own good omens to carry into the this autumn Monday.


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