When You’re “Shiny!”

I’m going to get to spend some time with some of my girls today! And we’re going to have a wonderful time together. The song stuck in my head this morning? Shiny Happy People ~ remember that song? I heard it on Jeff 92 the other day; first time in years, and it goes wonderfully well with what I’ve been thinking the last couple of days, when I went to sleep last night and when I got up this morning, about how Esther Hicks talks about how it takes 17 seconds, only 17 seconds of holding a particular thought or emotion to draw more of that thought or emotion.

Like calls to like, birds of a feather, and so on. This is more true of the things that you think, the thoughts that you keep in your head than it is of anything else. It’s also one of the ways that you’re so powerful ~ only it’s so common to us we don’t realize how powerful we really are, how powerful the thoughts we choose to think and the emotions we choose to feed energy into really are. 

Don’t believe me? Remember the last time something happened that upset you or made you feel insecure or angry. Usually it’s something external that starts it. For whatever reason ~ you were tired, distracted, whatever ~ you kept focusing on how you felt. It probably lasted more than 17 seconds, and next thing you know, some other negative thought intruded, something that ordinarily wouldn’t bother you or that you wouldn’t notice but now because you’re already upset you notice it and that just adds to the upset, unsettled feeling. Then pretty soon there was another thing, and while we’re on the subject … etc. etc.

That’s happened to me multiple times. It still does,even though I know feeding energy into the negativity just calls to more negativity. Even my husband pointed it out to me the other day, when I was tired or upset about something and then start complaining about something else that was a trivial thing. But if he hadn’t pointed out to me that I was already upset, I might’ve gone on in that vein for some time and ruined part of the day that could’ve been happy.

But he did point out and, fortunately, I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I will stop and take the time to actively listen to him and other loved ones and consider that they might be more objective about something than I am in the moment. Particularly something negative. So I simply said “you’re right” (although I don’t think I said it out loud) and flipped that switch. And even though it was into neutral and not into the opposite emotion at the moment, even neutral gives you a starting place for choosing to look at things from a different perspective.

IMG_1252And how shiny is that? Choosing to distract yourself and go in a different direction – a more positive and productive direction – maybe by choosing to listen to music that makes you happy, makes you want to dance or just makes you smile and feel shiny. Like shiny happy people. Remember that word from that Jos Wedon series Firefly? It meant things were perfect –  anything from good or fine to excellent! Fabulous! Great word, shiny.

So this morning I’m feeling shiny and that’s the way it’s going to be all day long – because (and every time I think about it) that’s what I choose to spend my 17 second on.

How ’bout you?

See you on the (shiny!) beach.

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