What? What? At Purdue? Dr. Who?

If you happen to be on Purdue’s campus this weekend, don’t be surprised if you see a big blue police box fade in to the  middle of the memorial mall. This weekend Purdue plays host to at HvZ invitational that will have university student players (both Human and Zombie)  visiting from as far away as Texas A&M (the only reason I know this is because the treasurer of the HvZ coordinating committee [or whatever it’s called] is one of my students 😉 )

Of course, depending on whether you’re a Zombie (don’t care about anything but brains and converting more Humans) or a Human (too busy trying NOT to become a Zombie), you may not notice.

It seems particularly apropos that the Doctor would be visiting this weekend, even if we don’t get to see him, given that the awards ceremony for this year’s local schools’ Science Fair will be held in the North Ballroom at Purdue Memorial Union.

Wish I thought the Doctor would take a break from the HvZ invitational and drop in to the Ballroom ~ now THAT would be a real award!  and I’m sure the Doctor would see that none of US were turned into Zombies . . .

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