You’ve got to ACcentuate the Positive

Morning Song: You know how you wake up in the morning with a song playing in your head . . . and then it just goes on and on (and on and on, whether you want it to or not) singing in the recesses of your mind for hours or maybe even days?

Into Dust
Well, that’s the way it happens for me, most of the time. Sometimes, like yesterday, it’s not a good thing. I woke up from a horrendous nightmare and as I was making the bed I realized that the song playing in my head was “Into Dust” by Mazzy Star ~ excellent song, and I like it very much (else it wouldn’t be in the jukebox of my mind), but not the kind of song you want to start out your day with.

Usually, I can trace the song to something going on in the waking world, or the dreaming one, like yesterday. I had a nightmare (that I couldn’t trace to anything currently in my reality) that stayed with me on waking, a headache (the two often go together), and our friends, Roger and Helene, who had been visiting from Quebec were getting ready to leave for home.

Between that and the fact that I had basically screwed my little macbook over the weekend, trying to install a windows os with bootcamp, and was (and am) still in the process of getting things back “in order” after Roger (who is a genius, but don’t tell him that, okay?) was able to reinstall the os and recapture most of my data from an external back up ~ well, there was no one-to-one correlation between that and the storyline of my nightmare, but they were the only things I could think of that might have prompted the nightmare/headache/Mazzy Star start to my day.

Fortunately, I’m good at hiding such things and I sent them off with smiles and laughter and hugs and kisses. But the dregs of my shadowed start to the day stayed on ~ not enough to ruin my day completely, thank goodness. I got a lot accomplished, and stopped working for the day at supper time (you have to know me to know how unusual that is).

Accentuate the Positive
This morning’s song was ~ is ~ completely different and prompted this post. Have you seen the movie Blast from the Past with Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone? ~ if you haven’t, do. You’ll love it. Perry Como songs figure into it in a couple of places (which isn’t as lame as it sounds ~ just trust me, okay?), and one of them is “Accentuate the Positive,” which is the song I woke up to playing in my head this morning.

And I think that was for two reasons: 1) I told James, my husband, about my nightmare before we went to sleep last night and he, for want of a better word, banished them.  2) One of the last things I did before I quit working and closed by computer for the night was spend some time reading from Joe Vitale’s book Attract Money Now! which is about way more than attracting money.

The part I was reading, specifically, was the section on Prosperous Spending, and how  our unconscious programming about money is so hard to unlearn ~ especially the sense of guilt we have when we spend any amount of money on ourselves.

The story he told was of a self-made millionaire whose mother had always had to stretch the grocery budget. This was a mentality that he had internalized as a child and which stayed with him even after he had become financially secure. The day he recognized the origins of his guilt feelings when he bought something for himself ~ even something small, like red bell peppers (which he perceived as expensive) ~ he was free of them.

This isn’t what Dr. Vitale says, but it was what I got from the story. Once you recognize the difference between reality and your unconscious perception of reality, you are free of  that perception, free to replace it with one you choose.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a loving husband who will banish your bad dreams, either.


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