The right hand of light . . .

Is it me or is there something wrong with it still being dark at 7:00 in the morning ~ in August! Jim says it’s just because it’s overcast outside, cloud cover and all that ~ and he’s right. The clouds are wall to wall this morning ~ which just shouldn’t be allowed.

I’m light greedy, okay, I admit that. If I were a gypsy, I’d be constantly moving camp toward where the sun comes up earliest (it’s funny, but it doesn’t bother me as much if it gets dark earlier in the day ~ like say at 4 or 5:00 in the afternoon as it does if it stays dark until 7 or 8:00 in the morning ~ and of course this whole “daylight savings time” thing with it’s spring “forward” and fall “back” in, what is it, April and November? pffffftttt! That’s like cutting off one end of a blanket and sewing it onto the other to make it longer. Jeezy Creezy, doesn’t the legislature have better things to do that legislate that kind of stuff . . . but I digress [surprise!].

ANYway, we’re going to long lasting, more energy efficient bulbs bit by bit, and James keeps trying to explain to me how it’s not watts but lumins (or however you spell that) that I’m interested in, and I’m like, okay, whatever. All I know is, I want it to be bright when I hit the light switch ~ bright of the LET THERE BE LIGHT variety. Call me picky.

I’ll never make a good little old lady with her dim parlor and 40 watt incandescent bulbs in lamps with scarves over the shades. Probably wouldn’t make a good gypsy fortune teller either, come to think of it. Ah, well. I’ll just be a gypsy belly dancer instead.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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