Thank you

Dear Friends ~

I would like to thank you all for your care and concern and well wishes during Mama’s illness and in the wake of her passing. I literally cannot tell you how touched and moved I have been by the outpouring of love and sympathy and support I’ve felt in this past week and, from some of you, for months.

I would also like to apologize for my silence during this time. It is my way, when in distress or grief, to withdraw. Sometimes I wish it weren’t, but it is.

And there is a certain stillness that reigns after someone you love passes, like the stillness after a storm, that, in my experience, one is loathe to disturb. It is a quietness that sometimes aches, sometimes soothes and strengthens, and is a very personal “space” in which one renegotiates one’s understanding and experience of life in the physical absence of the loved one.

That’s where I am right now ~ but even here, I feel your compassion, even love. My mama was made of love, and she spread love, like seeds, gifted to everyone she met. It is an inexpressible comfort to me that I know many of those people, can see in them the fruits of that love.

Because, as it turns out, the cliche really is true: in the end, love is all that really matters.

Thank you all ~



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