still like honey on my tongue

It’s been awhile since I posted here, I know ~ a long while since I’ve wanted to do much of anything outside the routine of my days, and I don’t even know how I came upon this, but the sun shone yesterday, and I took in enough of it that it stirred some feelings of spring in me, and somehow, today, in the midst of doing something else, Robert Frost’s “way leads to way” led me here ~ so maybe that’s reason enough.

The first time I heard this song, I fell in love with it ~ and with James Taylor’s voice ~ not knowing that my own James, of whom this song in so many ways reminds me, was out there somewhere ~ loving me before he knew me, as I did him.

Now, years later, my James and I have found each other at last, and this song, written for James Taylor’s newborn nephew, still makes me think of my James and the way our lives finally flowed together and our love combined us so completely that we no longer know or care to know where one of us ends and the other begins. It’s been that way for us since the beginning. It will be that way beyond the end.

When he sings, James Taylor’s voice makes me feel that love afresh. He sings, and it flows into me and wells up and suffuses my being, the way true love always does, with a deep, abiding warmth and a richness that’s like honey on my tongue . . .

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