Postcards from the offline and (blissfully) out of touch . . .

(still using MacSpeech for most of this, so forgive the errors I don’t catch ~ thanks! also, posting for the next little bit by creating posts and saving them until I get to a place where I can get internet access ~ mainly, the mainland 😉

It’s Wednesday, July 20, 2011 and my first full day on big Tancook Island. We arrived Monday afternoon early enough to get a snack, pickup some few odd and ends like coffee and bread for toast in the morning before catching the ferry at 3:40 ~

Since the last time we were here, it hardly seems like it could be seven years ago but it has been, the ferry has stopped running every hour and has cut down the schedule to four trips a day ~ basically, 2 early in the morning, and 2 later in the afternoon. Of course there are extra ones on Friday evenings, just as it used to be, for those who might like to go out and take in a show, run into Halifax for dinner etc.

But as I say it my first full day on the island, because yesterday Helene’ and I went into town ~I should say took the ferry onto the mainland ~to get groceries, supplies for the next two weeks. And it was fun, running around town, trying to get everything we needed and still make it back for the last ferry at 5:30 ~ there a couple things we didn’t do, but nothing that can’t wait until Friday when there is a farmers market I want to check out.

… and here it is Thursday, July 21, and I’m just getting back to this blog entry. The island keeps calling me away ~to take a walk, sit on the deck, and continually breathe in the sights, sounds, tastes and textures of the sea.

Even with this cast on my hand, humidity that comes of sea mist is ever welcome, a balm to my soul, a refreshing of my mind and heart. It is so beautiful and peaceful and still, here on the island.

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