Hello world!

This header is the one they gave me, but it’s as good a way as any to say, well, “Hello world!”

This isn’t my first blog, but it is the first I’ve created for myself, so one hopes I’ll actually, oh, I don’t know, post messages to it? Swelp me but it’s discouraging trying to navigate through one of these things when there are no pages to turn and no place to stick a bookmark! And I won’t even get started on how many wigets and wadgets and boffs there are  here that I don’t have the first idea how to use ~ that would really be discouraging, and one doesn’t really want to send me screaming out into the late afternoon, right?

Yes, well, I thought not.

So, having spent a few frustrating hours trying to get the theme I wanted on here only to discover that it’s a theme meant for blogspot and doesn’t (apparently) have a code that will transfer (sensible, I guess, since it was created for another family of blog hosts), I am going to content myself with this very nice one I found here on the WordPress site for the moment, and leave quietly (read: git while the gitten’s good!)

To be continued, anon . . . .