Collecting Puzzle Pieces

Remember how, when you were a kid you got a kick out of putting together jigsaw puzzles? At our house, even after I had kids of my own, we often had a puzzle going, especially in the winter, just sitting on a card table wherever there was room. When we got home from school or work, or after homework or dinner, or whenever, whoever wanted to would sit down there for ten minutes or an hour, finding pieces and fitting them in, building the picture Continue reading “Collecting Puzzle Pieces”

In less than 90 seconds

Sometimes life seems grey and dreary ~ and then someone reminds you of what’s really important . . .[youtube=]

Spreading smiles, one compliment at a time

I started out on the Purdue website this morning headed for my own webpage, when I caught sight of “the compliment guys” on one of the headline banners cycling through. I have no idea how much local publicity these guys got before national media got wind of them, but whatever it was, it wasn’t nearly enough!

I am so completely impressed by Brett Westcott and Cameron Brown, and so completely bummed that none of the classes I taught last term took me between what looks like Weatheral and Stanley Coulter Hall on Wednesdays. But you can bet I’m going to make it a point to walk past them Wednesdays this fall. I think we can use all the smiles we can get.

Thanks, Brett and Cameron ~ you go, guys.