Believing in things unseen

Sometimes it’s hard to keep positive, particularly when you’ve been working on something important to you and your future, and it takes twice (or ten times!) as long as the course you learned it from says it’s going to take. Course a headache doesn’t help.

Trouble is, you get so anxious to finish whatever it is ~ in this case, my websites (finish means created, vetted, and launched ~ and listed with google) ~ that you end up working until you’re too tired and/or have a headache.

Negative things ~ you haven’t gotten as far down the road to “finished” as you want, your husband’s (or your) unemployment benefits are running out, Christmas is coming and even if you are ultimately bright enough and have enough ingenuity to get your affiliate marketing sites off the ground and generating referral fees, you’re not going to get paid for them until after Christmas anyway ~ stuff like that (like rainy days and Mondays) always gets you down more easily when you’re over-tired, over-worked, or otherwise overwhelmed. And the headache doesn’t help.

So, what to do, what to do.

I don’t have all the answers (clearly) ~ and I find it somewhat less than helpful when proponents of positive thinking and belief pretend that they never have doubts or get tired, scared, or down. Everybody does.

But I do think, if you pay attention and (yes, I’m going to say it) believe that something will show up to help you, that something always does show up.

For me, tonight, it was Finding Nemo, or more specifically, Dori. I love her “if I think I can do it, I can” attitude and her “just keep swimming” philosophy.

Seeing the movie, hearing it playing in the background, reminded me ~ all I have to do is just keep swimming.

Of course, an excedrin and half an hour off to eat supper and watch the movie won’t hurt either.

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